Real Change Multiplies Real Change

Lifeblood groups are all about change.  KH, an inmate Lifeblood facilitator describes it this way,  “I was first drawn to this class by the description in our quarterly programming sign-up books. This is the line that struck me: A ground breaking curriculum designed for life-changing transformation.

KH goes on to explain the secret sauce of Lifeblood,

“I was immediately blown away by the realness of the women interviewed for the video sessions. Their transparency was evident and relate-able. It was an inspiration to hear testimonies of women who have once been in my shoes and who have dedicated their lives to Christ, giving their lives a new found freedom.”

Our experience tells us that the most dramatic life-transformation can grow out of desperation and hopelessness.  God can take our biggest mess and turn it into something beautiful.  It’s going to take some time and effort, but your desperation and hopelessness will make your life change more visible and inspiring to others.  It is our hope that God will use the men or women of Lifeblood to change you, and that God will then use your story to bring hope and healing others. We are praying for you.

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