Access To Power

It is easy to think of negative examples of power in our world. But where can you find power that will change your life and help you no matter where you find yourself?

Finding a church family is a great place to start. Fellowship with God and other believers, praying for others and casting our cares on the Lord all have tremendous power. (James 5:16). Surrendering our lives, along with our old false powers, opens the door for us to receive God’s power.

God has created all of us uniquely and we all have the potential to use our gifts and talents to help people. This is the most extraordinary power anyone can possess, if they choose to use it. Ask yourself, ‘What is one gift or trait I have that gives me the ability to help others?’  Church leaders are a great resource to help you identify what gifts God planted in you.

It is also helpful to sit back and reflect on where you are in your life regarding power. Some things you should consider asking yourself:

  • Have I had to start over in my life? Am I starting over now?
  • Have I ever felt powerless over anything?
  • Do I find power in my faith? Do I see God’s power as a tool or a weapon?
  • What gifts or traits do I have that gives me the ability to help people?

If we never express our weaknesses, then we will always believe we have the power and ability to overcome anything, when the truth is, we can’t. Surrendering and seeking help is the first step to true power in our lives.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

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