Be Honest With Yourself

Are you content with where God has you right now? You might be very frustrated with how things are going, and you may feel like you’ve made very little progress, or none. Sometimes we just want to give up when we feel like all hope is lost. But we can’t give up if we want... Continue Reading →

A Vital Question: Who am I?

If we want serious change in our lives, there is one serious question we need to address: Who am I? Why do we need to answer this question? Because if we answer it honestly, we will have a good idea if we are on the right track to a better, healthier life. Maybe we have... Continue Reading →

Is Your Loyalty Loyal To You?

Loyalty to the wrong person or the wrong thing can be disastrous in our lives. We can’t do the right thing unless our loyalty is in the right place. Sometimes in our lives, we place our loyalty in someone because of our wants and desires. But this isn’t true loyalty because it can disappear at... Continue Reading →

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