Be Honest With Yourself

Are you content with where God has you right now? You might be very frustrated with how things are going, and you may feel like you’ve made very little progress, or none. Sometimes we just want to give up when we feel like all hope is lost. But we can’t give up if we want... Continue Reading →

Need Hope?

Do you have hope? Hope for the future? Hope for your family? When we hear a motivational speaker, we are inspired and fed hope. Other times, we can feel just plain hopeless. The society we live in can seem hopeless all the time. But there are ways to find hope, even during the worst of... Continue Reading →

Hope is the Lifeblood of Change

If you don’t know who you've been, or who you are today, it’s impossible to know who you could be in the future.  As a Lifeblood Facilitator, I love the community that happens in our groups where participants feel safe to explore who they’ve been in the past and who they've become.  I find hope... Continue Reading →

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