Is Your Loyalty Loyal To You?

Loyalty to the wrong person or the wrong thing can be disastrous in our lives. We can’t do the right thing unless our loyalty is in the right place. Sometimes in our lives, we place our loyalty in someone because of our wants and desires. But this isn’t true loyalty because it can disappear at... Continue Reading →

Restoring Family Ties

It’s important to understand why we need strong families around us and to nurture our relationships with parents, children, siblings and spouses. Many of us have caused great harm to our family in the past.  Forgiveness and healing will take work, time and patience. The value of family is something that should be a visible... Continue Reading →

Need Hope?

Do you have hope? Hope for the future? Hope for your family? When we hear a motivational speaker, we are inspired and fed hope. Other times, we can feel just plain hopeless. The society we live in can seem hopeless all the time. But there are ways to find hope, even during the worst of... Continue Reading →

Access To Power

It is easy to think of negative examples of power in our world. But where can you find power that will change your life and help you no matter where you find yourself? Finding a church family is a great place to start. Fellowship with God and other believers, praying for others and casting our... Continue Reading →

What Power are you Pursuing?

What is power to you? Is it money? Is it control or manipulation of others, social status or drugs? Maybe it’s women, intimidation or anger. Whatever we identify as power, odds are it can be used in a very negative way in our lives. Many of us have abused power to get what we want,... Continue Reading →

Real Change Multiplies Real Change

Lifeblood groups are all about change.  KH, an inmate Lifeblood facilitator describes it this way,  “I was first drawn to this class by the description in our quarterly programming sign-up books. This is the line that struck me: A ground breaking curriculum designed for life-changing transformation. KH goes on to explain the secret sauce of... Continue Reading →

Hope is the Lifeblood of Change

If you don’t know who you've been, or who you are today, it’s impossible to know who you could be in the future.  As a Lifeblood Facilitator, I love the community that happens in our groups where participants feel safe to explore who they’ve been in the past and who they've become.  I find hope... Continue Reading →

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